Build your own workflow. customers and partners can use our REST APIs to create custom workflow solutions and app integrations. The new Camera to Cloud devices API enables you to embed the power of in your hardware devices, extending the software tools and workflows that keep teams connected and working together.
phone camera to cloud

C2C Device Integration

Our reference implementations provide a fast and easy way to get started connecting your device to
phone camera to cloud

Managed Authorization

Our Authorization API implements the OAuth2 Device Authorization and Refresh Token Grant flows.

Automatic file management

Media from your paired device is created within a project and organized by date and device type.

Reference Implementation

Code samples walk you through each step of integrating your device to our Cloud Platform.

Upload Controls

The Cloud Devices API supports pausing and resuming uploads from the UI.

Let the work flow.

Easy to implement, our API helps bridge the gap between production and post.

Cloud Device API

Use our implementation library to connect on-set hardware directly to more

Workflow Automation

Create event triggers to connect actions in to external services, such as a new file upload or an asset approval.Learn more

Manage Projects and Teams

Ensure every team member gets the right level of access to your media when they need it.Learn more

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How do's API rate limits work?
My integration isn't working. What should I do?

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