Release Notes

August 2020 Release Notes

  • Added a batch delete endpoint added to API: DELETE

    • Recommended for users performing heavy upload / deletions and experiencing rate limit problems. Note the request body must specify the Asset ID's targeted for deletion.

July 2020 Release Notes

  • Updated GET /assets endpoint to return account_id and team_id. This change improves efficiency by reducing the need to traverse the account hierarchy when interacting with assets.
  • Python SDK updated wih many features added, including xxHash checksum verification. See the full change set
  • Added two features to the Zapier integration: Create Projects and Create Folders

June 2020 Release Notes

  • Updated Python SDK: added a Reply to Comments feature and improved the code samples
  • Added a FastAPI sample app demonstrating how to upload assets to YouTube using Custom Actions
  • Improved rate limiting for batch operations. Specifically, our rate limit policies were extended to afford a batch request limit and batch operation limit. See the guide to API rate limits for details.
  • Added features to the Zapier integration:

    • Set privacy options on Comments
    • Create Review Links