Browser Support

Cross-browser support for Login

While this won't be relevant for fully API-driven applications,'s cross-browser support does come into play when loading our Accounts app during an OAuth credential grant flow.

When writing OAuth applications for, please be aware that the login page we present in the OAuth flow will adhere to the same browser support as our main web application. For the purposes of the below, "Partial" support means all major functionality should be unimpeded, but some minor layout issues may be present. "Minimal" support means it might work, but we no longer explicitly test or support it.

Chrome (latest)Full
Safari (latest)Full
Firefox (latest)Full
Opera (latest)Full
Edge (latest)Full
IE (11+)Minimal
IE (<=10)None
Mobile Safari (latest)Partial
Chrome for iOS (latest)Partial
Chrome for Android (latest)Partial
Android Browser (latest)Partial